Download The Sims 4 Brookheights Mod Beta 0.4 Free

If you already installed Brookheights BETA 0.3 / BETA 0.21 or BETA 0.1, please re-install ALL the files of this new version, and make sure to delete (or override) the folders and files previously provided.

YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO LOAD BROOKHEIGHTS IN OLDER BETA SAVE FILES. Due to several problems with the change of the 50x50 to 64x64 Lot (error 804, infinite loading screen, camera falling when upstairs, etc.) I decided to go back to a 50x50 Active Lot. I recommend that you save your sims and/or lots to your library and import them to the new save file to enjoy the new features.

Welcome to Brookheights BETA 0.4 Finally!!!!


A new 360×360 (expandable) world with no loading screens is now in your hands. Get ready to take a SulSul Airlines flight, and go to Brookheights. Many venues are surrounding you, zoom out to see the 3D mapview of the world. Go anywhere! Enjoy!

The story mode gives you the opportunity to go on an adventure to help Amos find the hidden world… If you don’t want to play the story mode, there is a cheat to go to the hidden world.

The new interactive buildings are the essence of the Open World. there are 2 types:
 Open Venue: this building will fade out when you zoom in, allowing you to see what’s happening inside, and play inside of it.
– Rabbithole: a building in which your sims can do (or buy) many things. They won’t fade away this time, they are keeping their secrets, you can’t see inside & your sims won’t be visible.

Buy your own car and drive it! You can even route your car, giving you more control over how your sims drive. Want a faster car? Go to the Vehicle Court in West Brookheights, you can buy a new one there!

Hop on a plane, fly first class if you can afford to, visit the whole world and go to the City. You can even drive the planes, if you become a pilot…

Send your sims to work in the city, make your own decisions, and follow them around the world. The first open career available is SulSul Airlines Pilot. You can fly tourists to Selvadorada, or even celebrities to Del Sol Valley. I’ve heard that Lady Gogo goes there on each Friday… is it true?

This pack also includes a few build/buy items. Off Lot Walls, Room Hider, a cute chair, cars, a hammock, spiral staircase, and much more…


Here is the BETA 0.4 changelog

. NEW WORLD EDIT FEATURE: enable cheats, and use shift+click on the floor, in the « World Edit » category, choose « create world object ». This interaction will show a UI menu with HUNDREDS of Debug Items (and some of them have never been unlocked in the game before). You can use this interaction on AND off-lot. If you upload a build on the gallery with those special secret debug items, it won’t be flagged as modded! Yay! You can also shift+click any object in the world to « Delete Object » it will then disappear.
REDESIGNED ACTIVE LOT: the new active lot features a new stunning design. Going back to 50x50 increases performance as well! A new luxury penthouse apartment with a pool on the rooftop is now available. To choose an apartment, choose your active sim, and click on the entrance doors and choose « allow access to… ». To allow other sims to enter, switch control to these specific sims.
. PILOT OPEN CAREER IS BACK: the pilot career at SulSul Airlines is BACK! To become a Pilot, go to the Brookheights Airport, click on it and choose « Apply to become a Pilot ». Your sim will now become a Pilot Apprentice and unlock new interactions! Work at the offices during the day to earn 100$, work at the towers on a night watch from 8PM to earn 100$… and FLY PASSENGERS to various destinations to earn money! Plus…
. NEW ANIMATED PLANE: in the Brookheights Airport, there are two Airplanes if you own Journey To Batuu GP. One of them (close to the fence and the landfill) will ACTUALLY TAKE OFF when you fly passengers to various destinations!
. CAMERA SYSTEM UPDATED: BETA 0.4 features a new Camera System (for both the 3D Mapview and the lot view). Your camera won’t fall on the active lot anymore, the zoom-in / zoom-out has been eased and smoothed and the camera is a bit faster to move around now.
. NO MORE ERROR 804: make sure you load the latest Save File, and the Error 804 is now gone FOREVER!!! If you encounter weird looking shell houses around Brookheights and can’t walk everywhere though, your world files have not been installed properly. Please go back to the instructions.
. SEVERAL BUG FIXES: some of you encountered an infinite loading screen. Well… I said NO MORE! Make sure that your script mods are enabled and that you still have enough storage on your computer though. The Basement at Grandma’s house won’t be glitching anymore.
. HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU ALL: In just a few days, we will be celebrating Diwali in my country (festival of lights). So I added to the Brookheights Lake hundreds of candle lamps to make a « river of lights ». Happy Diwali !
. NEW STUNNING LOADING SCREEN: BETA 0.4 features a whole new stunning screen with a gorgeous view of Brookheights in the background during sunset.

Happy Brookheights everyone! Enjoy!!!




The Sims 4 Brookheights Mod - Beta 0.4