Download The Sims 4 Brookheights Mod Beta 0.3 Free

Welcome to Brookheights Adventure!
Help Amos find his origins. Go on an adventure all around the world to find out clues about his missing parents, and where they came from. You might end up going to a whole new world, without limits…

How does it work?
This New York City inspired world is not like other worlds in the Sims 4. It’s an Open World! but what does it mean? An “Open World” is a large area in a video-game that doesn’t require loading screens, you can move around this playable area freely.

The way this open world works is different than the ones in The Sims 3 though. In Brookheights, there’s a single active lot in the middle, and a huge playable & interactive area all around. This was made possible when I started creating interactive shell buildings a few months ago. They are buildings that are either “Open Venues” or “Rabbitholes” (more about them down below).

What can I do in Brookheights?
You can do many things there : rent a lodge in the Greenmount Forest, go to a Broadstreet Musical, drive a car, go to the Gym, Graveyard, Outdoor-Cinema, City Hall, Grocery Store, and so much more… all this without loading screens.
Can my sims live in Brookheights?
Brookheights is a hidden world accessible only by hopping on a SulSul Airlines plane. You can stay as long as you want there if you pay your rent, and find a job if you get a work visa at the City Hall, but you can’t buy the active lot in the middle. You can go there with your family, make new friends and walk (or drive) all around the city without loading screens.

What are the requirements?
Brookheights requires The Sims 4 (Base Game), Go to Work (Expansion Pack) and City Living (Expansion Pack) at least to work properly.
Some gameplay features and world objects require other packs (examples: World Decor elements from Get Famous EP, Functional caravan requires Outdoor Retreat GP, the subway system requires Realm of Magic GP, the animation of the plane taking off requires Star Wars GP, the loan system at the bank requires Discover University EP, etc.) The more packs you have, the better will be the experience.

The performance requirements aren’t known yet, the beta testing will help understand which machines can run Brookheights smoothly. The pack provides an optimised GraphicsRules.sgr file, that can help get a smoother game.


A new 360×360 (expandable) world with no loading screens is now in your hands. Get ready to take a SulSul Airlines flight, and go to Brookheights. Many venues are surrounding you, zoom out to see the 3D mapview of the world. Go anywhere! Enjoy!

The story mode gives you the opportunity to go on an adventure to help Amos find the hidden world… If you don’t want to play the story mode, there is a cheat to go to the hidden world.

The new interactive buildings are the essence of the Open World. there are 2 types:
Open Venue: this building will fade out when you zoom in, allowing you to see what’s happening inside, and play inside of it.
Rabbithole: a building in which your sims can do (or buy) many things. They won’t fade away this time, they are keeping their secrets, you can’t see inside & your sims won’t be visible.

Buy your own car and drive it! You can even route your car, giving you more control over how your sims drive. Want a faster car? Go to the Vehicle Court in West Brookheights, you can buy a new one there!

Hop on a plane, fly first class if you can afford to, visit the whole world and go to the City. You can even drive the planes, if you become a pilot…

Send your sims to work in the city, make your own decisions, and follow them around the world. The first open career available is SulSul Airlines Pilot. You can fly tourists to Selvadorada, or even celebrities to Del Sol Valley. I’ve heard that Lady Gogo goes there on each Friday… is it true?

This pack also includes a few build/buy items. Off Lot Walls, Room Hider, a cute chair, cars, a hammock, spiral staircase, and much more…


Here is the BETA 0.3 changelog

cars are going faster, your sims won’t drive inside buildings anymore, & a new interaction “park car here and exit vehicle” makes it easier to manage. Your sims will now fade when they enter the cars. New (even faster) cars were supposed to come with this update, but they disappeared when sims were driving them. They should be back in a future update
LOCK DOORS IN BROOKHEIGHTS: a new “apartment door” is now on the active lot of brookheights. You can now lock doors and allow only some sims to enter, allowing you to get better apartments
NO MORE FOOD GLITCHES IN BROOKHEIGHTS: your sims will now be able to cook anywhere on the active lot, and no more glitches at the bar
WORLD MANAGER: the world manager now allows you to open or close venues on the active lot of Brookheights
NEW NIGHTCLUB IN BROOKHEIGHTS: there’s a new nightclub on the active lot, underground. To open it click on the World Manager.
WORLD EDIT DEMO: you can now delete any object/building in Brookheights (enable cheats, and shift+click on any object, choose the world edit category and delete objects). A demo is now available to place interactive buildings (enable cheats and shift+click on the FLOOR to create a building, only the shopping mall is available for now)
WALK THROUGH WATER: your sims won’t walk through the water in Magnolia Promenade anymore
FLOORING: your isms won’t walk through the floor anymore in Brookheights
PLANE IN OASIS SPRINGS: Your sims will now walk to the plane in Oasis Springs, the time of flights has been updated.
PILOT OPEN CAREER: the pilot career has been deleted from Beta 0.3 and will be back better than ever in Beta 0.4 with way more interactions.
BLANK INTERACTIONS: there won’t be blank interactions anymore for players in other languages. Translations to other languages will come in a future update.
TEXTURES/IMAGES UPDATED: some textures and images have been updated to be visible by everyone
MUSICAL THEATER: The “Dogs” musical show is back. Your sims will now get a buff after watching a musical. They will now pay the entrance fee as well.
TVs IN TIMES PLAZA & GYM : the tv screens won’t break after rain or snow
OUTDOOR CINEMA: The outdoor cinema is back!!! The screen won’t break after rain or snow anymore.
OFF LOT WALLS: the off lot walls have been updated with a better 3D mesh, texture, and shadow/lighting system
HOTEL: a new red carpet is now covering the floor of the Hotel
CEILINGS: The off lot open venues now have ceilings
LIVING BOAT: the boat on the Brookheights Lake is working again and lights up at night.
SPAWN: Your sims won’t spawn in the H&N fashion store anymore
SHADOWS: have been improved for several objects (hammock, walls, etc.)
STORY MODE: the icons and timing have been updated. Sims won’t walk/swim through objects anymore and they will quit the Story Mode career when they reach the end of the adventure. The last notification will let you know that you reach the end of the story mode.
SIMMART: grocery store in North Brookheights is now functional

Happy Brookheights everyone! Enjoy!!!




The Sims 4 Brookheights Mod - Beta 0.3