Brookheights Mod: World Edit for Beta 0.4 + New Debug Items

"I am VERY happy to announce that BETA 0.4 of Brookheights will feature a completely new World Edit experience! This feature unlocks HUNDREDS of Debug items that have never been unlocked in the game before! They can be placed in the worlds (or on your lots, without being flagged as CC/Modded on the gallery) for you to customise the worlds in the Sims 4."

You will find in those exclusive debug items: more shells, bridges, spawners, waterfalls, and even a water tool object (similar to the one I created for Pro Build Mod 2.0). As you can see on the screenshots, I have created a lot that is CC-FREE with a pond.

You will also have an option soon to import Brookheights to any of your save files, and I will open next month on my Website a World Gallery where you will be able to share your custom worlds with other simmers!! I have also made discoveries recently regarding the world edition in-game. More about that soon.

At the moment, here is the changelog for BETA 0.4, available in a few days

- No more error 804 
- No more infinite loading screen 
- No more going back to the mapview when trying to go to Brookheights 
- Basement shadows fixed in Grandma’s House 
- Brookheights Centre Lot and Apartments have been redesigned 
- SulSul Airlines Career is back 
- New animated plane taking off (for those who own Batuu) 
- More World Edit Options 
- Unnamed/blank tags fixed 
- Camera System Updated 
- The active lot is going back to being a 50x50 sized lot for the Center of Brookheights. This will prevent any further Error 804 some of you encountered, and it seems to improve as well the smoothness and fps
- Much more

Because of all this, BETA 0.4 needs a bit more work and should be available in a few more days, thank you for your patience.
More info very soon!


Download beta 0.4 free coming soon at Downs Sims