Download The Sims 4 Update + Crack

Download The Sims 4 Update - 25/11/2019 + Crack


Hey Simmers! We have a small but important update to address some critical issues.

  • Standard Edition - Base Game: An issue introduced with the last patch caused a Toddler's needs to decay twice as fast. And as much fun as toddler motive juggling may be, it made it impossible to care for more than one toddler at a time, and could easily result in the toddler being removed from the household. We have addressed this issue, and returned toddlers to their normal needy selves. We have addressed some crashes that were impacting mod users.
  • Discover University: Users, whose save files became corrupted after running into “error code 102:6ee24dd4” or “error code 109:1bfa931d”, should find the issue no longer occurring. This is a retroactive fix, and saves that were corrupted should once again be available to load.
Learn more about the update, read the patch notes.




To install this update you must have already installed: The Sims 4 Discover University!


1 - Upon completion of the download, extract, open the Update folder, and run the Setup.
2 - Select the location of your game installation and install, usually it is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\The Sims 4\ or D:\Games\The Sims 4\
3 - Download Crack, extract, copy the folders Bin and Bin_Le and paste in the folder GAME of your game, usually it is in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\The Sims 4\Game\ or D:\Games\The Sims 4\Game\
Always start as an administrator.


For other errors, download the Game/BIN folder below:
Download full 'Game/Bin' folder, contains all necessary files for v1.58.69(TS4 Update), if you are downloading it then first delete yours and then paste this in place.

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